Smart lighting is a technology designed for energy efficiency. This include high efficiency fixtures, modules and automated controls that make adjustment based on conditions such as natural or day light available.  Wireless or wired total home control system gives you the ability to adjust the amount of daylight, electric light and temperature throughout your home. The system automatically turns off or goes on stand-by mode to small appliances when they are not in use.


Smart Device

Conveniently control and monitor your homes lighting from anywhere inside your home or away from your home. The system is a two way system which allows you to know if lights are left on when you can see the areas being controlled.


control your lighting system at the touch of a button with programmable, easy to use keypads. Keypads provides control of lights in a room or throughout the home. Example with a touch of a programmed button name GOODNIGHT every light in the home turns off.


Set the mood in a room with the slightest touch or slide of your finger. The dimmers allow you to personalize its style with white LEDs and more than 25 wall plate colors and finished to match with your interior décor.


occupancy/vacancy sensors provide convenient light control and are engineered for optimum energy savings and easy installation. They save energy by directing compatible wireless controls to turn light/ plug load off based on room occupancy. With many building spaces remaining unoccupied between 40% and 70% of the daylights left on are a real energy drain.  Occupancy/vacancy sensors automate the switching and dimming of those lights , saving energy and money