More than just a space to watch a movie , your theater is meant to be a place of isolation, drawing you away from the outside world straight into action. It’s the perfect ambiance that leaves your family lost in the cine-magic, the go-to spot for friends to enjoy the big game or the next binge series, and a space you will never want to leave because the viewing experience brings it all to life.

A tap of the movie button on your fully customized remote drops the screen, activates the projector, dims the light. The true magic of a home theater is when everything comes together. With elite you make your theater investment worthwhile by removing the complixity of managing it all

When you have an uncompromising adoration for high-quality picture and sound, only top-notch entertainment equipment will do. Elite builds some of the finest products available to create unsurpassed cinematic moments in your home theater. We will work with your favorite leading brands in projectors, screens, audio systems and more

Lighting is an important part of the movie experience and with Elite it fully integrated. Imagine pressing PLAY brings down your over head lights while the sconces layer in the most optimal viewing level. Pressing PAUSE brings the lights back up to lead the way for a refill or trip to the rest room. From accents to starlit ceilings, aisle lights to dimmable cans, you will set the perfect mood with smart lighting that is both effortless and convenient.